I finally got round to reworking my Photography site which I have been working on for last week in Dreamweaver cc in conjunction with a template I found called html5up-overflow with a few modification to the svg file which until now had no idea what that was and now know how to use a implement it in a html document. Pretty mush self taught html ans css and little javascript and also little helping hand from a friend who has a masters in webdesign. 

My next project part from getting this blog up and running is to design a responsive poetry site for all my poems I have wrote over the years. I keep having idea and chopping and changing them round have yet to come up with a definitive site layout. I have gone from skull images to space suits to knights playing cards images yet have to put my finger down and say I'll use this and see what I make, I like to be a little bit of a perfectionist in my work and if I'm not happy I will start from scratch.    

Oil and water....

As you know oil (in this case olive oil) and water don't mix and just floats on top of the water and for this photo I used a pipette and olive oil to drop droplets into a clear bowl of water to create floating circles of oil and with some back lighting from a standard desk lamp and a few color mediums to reflect color into the shot. I also used a close up lens attached to my main lens in this case a 55 mm kit lens to make it into a macro as unfortunately i don't own a proper macro lens (something on my wish list of camera gear to get). and a glass sheet and couple of box's from a old frame to put the bowl on top so the light could be shone from underneath to capture these shots. Full shots can be seen at my photography site

Orchid Photography...

A while ago I did some flower photography on orchids, my first attempt's at photographing them did go well as I lacked light and balance between my subject. So not being discourage from my subject matter I reproached with a better understanding of photo techniques learnt from various books and magazines. And with a little help from Photoshop cc came up with some decent photographs. I'm hopefully going to try to better my self with my camera and produce better results in my next attempts at flower and still life images eps in doors. Full images of the orchids can be seen at my photography site 

Crete Spinalonga 'Kalydon' 2015

Agios Nikolaos or Aghios Nikolaos is a coastal town on the Greek island of Crete, lying east of the island's capital Heraklion, north of the town of Ierapetra and west of the town of Sitia. Was our holiday destination for two weeks while there we visited Spinalonga also  know as Kalydon a former  leper colony on a day trip which was a lovely day out. You can see more photo's from there at my photography site